Reflecting the participants in the Biblical Marriage Covenant, this oil is a blend of the fragrances of the Bridegroom (Frankincense & Myrrh), the Bride (Spikenard) and the Spirit of God (Hyssop), emphasizing the commitment and devotion of those entering into any Covenant Relationship.

Prophet Fire suggests this oil be used when going for Job Interviews, Promotion Interviews, Immigration Interviews, legal appointments.  This oil is used when recalling the promises and prophetic words over your life — reminding God of his covenant with you to make you the head and not the tale.  Use this oil to remind God of his favor on your life when going to make big purchases, like buying a car, closing on a home? Opening a business or closing a business deal. Use the oil when going to bed for those who have issues sleeping.  Use the oil when praying for loved ones or children and remind God that he has a covenant promise with you to keep them safe.  Use the oil when you are fearful of something or someone and ask God to give you strength and boldness.

Exodus 24:1-8